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Script for Issue 1 of The Legacy comic book

Disclaimer: This is unedited and may contain language that is not suitable for a young audience. Reader discretion advised.

          Page 1 Page 1

            Panel 1 Alister from a rooftop looks towards the church on
            the hill. Darkness consumes the sky but there is a small
            light piercing the sky above the church. Behind Alister
            sits his hovercycle. His sword is in its sheath on his

                    I can’t believe it’s been 10 years
                    since all this began, and I still
                    try to do good, but all I want to
                    do is rest. Rest it seems to be all
                    I think of when I should be
                    thinking of this city; think of my
                    city. I’m the one, the person that
                    was chosen. I was the one born to
                    this family. I must keep my head up
                    high when it seems this war will
                    never end. I know, however, that it
                    will end. I don’t know how I don’t
                    know when, but what I do know is
                    that it will end when you are
                    ready. This building so many times
                    I stood right here this spot, and
                    gazed out into the city, to hear
                    the cries of the people below. Oh
                    God God these dark skies I’m sick
                    of them. I want to see the sun
                    again. I want to see more than the
                    sliver of light that you shine on
                    the church. Oh, that church that
                    changed my life. God why did you
                    put it on that hill? Did you have
                    people build it so that you didn’t
                    have to move the hill? Like the
                    Bible said that you can move
                    mountains. Why am I still doing
                    this? Why am I again alone I
                    thought you would never leave or
                    forsake me?

          Page 2 Page 2: 2975A.D. Alister flashes back to when he
          finds out about his parents and sisters death.

            Panel 1 Taking up the top 3rd of the page: You see a
            church on the front of it, it says “Harvest Church;”
            behind the church in the distance you see the church on
            the hill.

                    I remember how I spiraled out of
                    control at least my life did. Okay,
                    I did too. It was at the church my
                    family had gone to for years. I had
                    gone when I was young, but when I
                    became a teenager they let me
                    decide what I wanted to do. So I
                    stopped going.

            Panel 2 Taking up the middle of the page: Inside the
            church, people standing, some with their hands up in the
            air, as they are singing.

                    I thought it was strange to see
                    people raise their hands and jump
                    up and down praising a being that
                    one couldn’t see.

            Panel 3 Taking up the bottom 3rd of the page: Inside the
            church, people sitting as the preacher is standing at his
            pulpit preaching.

                    As I recall the last service, for
                    what I was told later. Was talking

                    Today we are going to talk about
                    the love of God, and his

          Page 3 Page 3: 2975A. D. Alister’s flash back of his parents
          and sisters death. Part 2.

            Panel 1 People are leaving the church but a few are still
            standing around talking. The pastor comes up to a couple
            and their daughter.

                    Where’s your son Alister.

                    He didn’t want to come; he says
                    there is no God.

                    Oh, he is in the stage of his life
                    like others have been. The stage
                    that things that we can’t see must
                    be none existent or not real.

            Panel 2 Taking most of the page the church explodes.

            Panel 3 Alister stands at the funeral, a tear rolling down
            his cheek.

                    I can still remember what I thought
                    at the funeral.

                    Mom gave me a choice to go with
                    them, but I didn’t. Because I
                    didn’t, I mean I don’t believe in
                    God. This would have never happened
                    if there was a God.

                              ALISTER (CON’T)
                    Oh my thoughts went crazy that day,
                    but that was the day my path would
                    split and I would go down the road
                    that had no path. I was making my
                    own way. Or this is what I thought.

          Page 4 Page 4

            Panel 1 Alister hears screams. Alister shakes his head as
            if he was trying to wake himself up from sleeping

                    What in the hell…

            Panel 2 He jumps on his hovercycle.

                    That was a tortuous scream.

            Panel 3 Panel 3: He goes down the road, Screams erupt
            again, he travels to where the screams have come from.

                    Who ever this person is they sound
                    like hell has come to take there

                              ALISTER (CON’T)
                    This of course is all to common
                    today, but there still was
                    something in the scream.

            Panel 4 Panel 4: He sees that there is a girl running as
            fast as she can.

            Panel 5 Panel 5: Behind her is a man chasing her. Alister
            with his spiritual sight can see that the man is possessed
            by a demon. (Need to somehow show that he is a man and
            that he has maybe a silhouette of a demon.

                    Come here limitless bitch.


          Page 5 Page 5

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Alister up close.

                         (says to himself)
                    This is sure getting old. These
                    demons will never learn.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: Alister drives ahead of the girl and man
            and stops his hovercycle in front of the girl.

                         (saying to himself)
                    I can’t let this girl be captured,
                    I just can’t.

            Panel 3 Panel 3: He grabs the girls arm and pulls the girl
            behind him.

                    Get behind me, now, I’ll protect

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Alister gets off his hovercycle.

            Panel 5 Panel 4: The man close up of the man who is
            chaising the girl.

                    Oh it’s you, the White Warrior,
                    haha the Holy Warrior.

            Panel 6 Panel 5: With a stern look on his face.

                    Yes it is I.

          Page 6 Page 6

            Panel 1 Panel 1: The man tears off his skin to reveal the
            big demon.

                         (to himself)
                    What in the world is this demon

            Panel 2 Panel 2: As his hand is on his sword.

                         (thinks to himself)
                    This is new.

            Panel 3 Panel 3: Alister then takes his sword out of its
            sheath. A look at Alister pointing at the man while the
            girl is behind him.

                    You know I can destroy you with one
                    blow of my sword.

          Page 7 Page 7

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Close up of the demon.

                    You think so eh.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: Another view of Alister and the girl.

                    Yes. I know so I have the power of
                    Christ on my side.

            Panel 3 Panel 3: Close up of the demon.

                    I want to see you try, little man.
                    I think you’re weaker then you

            Panel 4 Panel 4: He points to a building that has graffiti
            on it. (Somewhere write small but enough that you can
            still see it: CTFxC)

                    Go, inside that building. I’ll take
                    care of this demon swine.

          Page 8 Page 8

            Panel 1 SPLASH Page: Alister runs at the demon as the
            demon runs toward him. The demon throws a punch.

                    I will destroy you with the power
                    of the Lord.

                    No.  You don’t have the power that
                    you think you do, you are weaker
                    than I.

          Page 9 Page 9

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Alister dodges, and slashes his sword at
            the demon.

                    With the Power of Christ I will
                    defeat you

            Panel 2 Panel 2: He then hits the demon but nothing

                    What that should have destroyed

            Panel 3 Panel 3: The demon says with a snarl. (Close up)

                    I guess your faith has started to
                    dwindle and I am stronger then your
                    so called sword from God.

            Panel 4 Panel 4: The demon runs inside the building.
            Alister chases after the demon.

                         (Talking to himself)
                    What the hell is going on? Why is
                    this demon wining?

            Panel 5 Panel 5: Alister looks around the inside of the
            building, it looks familiar to him.

                    I know this building, it can’t be.

          Page 10 Page 10: Alister flashes back to when he owned the
          building and he met Satan’s Minions.

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Alister is on the second floor leaning
            against a lattice. There comes a voice behind him.

                    Dude, what are you doing just
                    looking at everyone?

                    Shut up Steve. I’m just making sure
                    everyone is having a good time.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: Alister turns to face to Steve.

                    You know I strive to make my
                    patrons happy. So, Just let me be

            Panel 3 Panel 3: He starts to walk toward a table that had
            two mugs of beer on it.

                    Come, sit and drink your beer.

                    I’m coming you piece of….

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Alister now sitting at the table.

                    Alister you kiss my ass.

                    Kiss your what Steve?

            Panel 5 Panel 5: Alister with his fist in front of Steve’s

                    Do you want to kiss this.

                    Um. no.

          Page 11 Page 11

            Panel 1 Panel 1: With a frightened stare. Alister beer in

                    I’m fine.

                    That’s what I thought.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: Outside of the building rain poured down,
            and in the shadows a group of people walk toward the door
            of the building.

            Panel 3 Panel 3: The door opens up. You see a group of
            people with guns.

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Alister looks down from the balcony
            lattice to see why the music has stopped and people who
            were having a good time were silent.

          Page 12 Page 12

            Panel 1 Panel 1: One of the people in the group points
            there gun to the ceiling and fires.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: People look towards the group and the
            band that was playing and others start to run out the
            front and back doors.

            Panel 3 Panel 3: Alister pulls his gun.

                    What the hell are you doing here.
                    What the fuck do you want.

            Panel 4 Panel 4: The group points there gun toward the
            people in the club.

                    We are Satan’s Minions and we are
                    here to take over. But we don’t
                    want just this building we have
                    come to take over the city and make
                    it, SatansVille. Hahahaha.

          Page 13 Page 13

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Alister’s posse takes out there weapons
            and points them toward Satan’s Minions.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: Alister close up.

                    Like hell, you’re taking over.

            Panel 3 Panel 3: Gun fire erupts from both sides.

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Blood is flying everywhere and people are
            going down.

          Page 14 Page 14

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Both sides are still shooting, and people
            are running.  We see more getting hit by bullets, blood
            splashing everywhere.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: You see Alister behind a table.

                    Shit, Shit, Shit. What’s going on?
                    What did I do to deserve this? Ugh,
                    what am I fucking supposed to do?
                    To bad there isn’t a God, he might
                    be able to save us, me.

          Page 15 Page 15

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Alister is shooting as he goes down the

            Panel 2 Panel 2: Alister jumps behind the bar.

            Panel 3 Panel 3: As he hides behind the bar he now notices
            he is bleeding from his arm.

                    Damn it.

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Alister peaks his head over the bar.

                         (To himself)
                    I need to get out of here.

            Panel 5 Panel 5: Alister jumps the bar and heads towards
            the back door.

                    Come on legs, move.

          Page 16 Page 16

            Panel 1 Panel 1: We see Alister just outside the door
            behind him. The rain still coming down lightning flashes.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: Alister is running and being chased by
            some of Satan’s Minions. They are still shooting. Blam

            Panel 3 Panel 3: Alister is shot in the leg, blood goes

                    Shit…my leg.

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Alister starts to run up a hill. Bleeding
            abundantly from his arm and leg.

            Panel 5 Panel 5: He sees a rock.

                    I must make it behind.

          Page 17 Page 17

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Alister holding his arm is able to reach
            and get behind the rock.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: We see a close up of Alister’s arm bloody

            Panel 3 Panel 3: Lightning strikes close to Alister and
            the rock.

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Alister rips his pants to check out his

                    Shit, what the hell am I going to
                    do now?

            Panel 5 Panel 5: Alister now trying to tear his trench
            coat to cover his wounds.

          Page 18 Page 18

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Lightning striking even closer this time
            to Alister.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: Some of Satan’s Minions that had chased
            Alister stop shooting.

                    That rock can’t protect you
                    forever. You’re bleeding bad,
                    you’ll want to get that looked at
                    before you lose to much blood and

                    What the fuck do you want with me?
                    Why did you follow me?

            Panel 3 Panel 3: Close up of Alister. Finishing tieing his
            leg off. Arm is already tied off, both are tied with parts
            of his trench coat.

                    I’m not leaving this spot, so you
                    guys miles well sit.

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Lightning strikes at the feet of Satan’s

                    Looks like your lucky day, or maybe
                    not. This lightning saved you from
                    us, but if you stay there who knows
                    if it will finally strike you. That
                    would help us.

          Page 19 Page 19

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Moments later lightning strikes the rock.

                    Shit that was to close.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: Alister now looks over the left of the
            rock to see if those who had chased him that were part of
            Satan’s Minions had actually left.

                    Be gone, be gone, be gone.

            Panel 3 Panel 3: Satan’s Minions no longer on the other
            side of the rock. Alister gets up.

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Alister sees a dagger on the rock where
            the lightning struck.

                    Now what’s this? I didn’t see this
                    before. It would have been nice to
                    have this when I was trying to rip
                    at my trench coat.

            Panel 5 Panel 5: Close up of the dagger. (Need to talk
            about the design.)

          Page 20 Page 20

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Alister reaches for the dagger.

                    But what in the hell, how did this
                    get here in the first place?

            Panel 2 Panel 2: Alister picks up the dagger, looking at
            it intensely.

                    This looks expensive.

            Panel 3 Panel 3: As it lay in the palm of both hands
            warmth comes over him.

                    What’s going on?

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Blood stops dripping from his leg and

                    The pain it, it’s gone.

            Panel 5 Panel 5: Alister places the dagger in his right
            hand, as he looks at his arm he sees nothing.

            Panel 6 Panel 6: Alister bends down, he looks at his leg,
            he sees nothing.

                    What happened to my wounds?

          Page 21 Page 21

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Alister looks at the dagger again.

                    What the Fu…

            Panel 2 Panel 2: Lightning strikes just right of Alister.

                    Holy shit that was so much closer.

            Panel 3 Panel 3: Alister places the dagger back on the

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Alister starts to walk away when he is
            struck by lightning.

          Page 22 Page 22

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Alister wakes up in a white place, he
            can’t see anything but himself.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: His anger left him, he smiled ear to ear.

                    Why am I smiling? I just had been
                    shot and now there is nothing I can

            Panel 3 Panel 3: Alister walks and looks around.

                    Alister come fourth.

                    Come fourth, I can’t see anything.
                    How am I supposed to know where to

                    You have been chosen.

                    Chosen for what?

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Alister sits down on the whiteness.

                    Your blood is what has chosen you;
                    you are a descendant of a man who
                    promised loyalty and obedience.

                    My blood, descendant, I don’t know
                    what you mean. Who the hell are

                    I am the Lord thy God.

          Page 23 Page 23 Alister flashes back to the empty building.

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Alister attention was now looking at the
            balcony where he saw the demon with the girl over his

                    That seemed so very long ago.

            Panel 2 Panel 2: We get a close up of the demons face,

                    Come get me you little piece of

                    I am not a little piece of

            Panel 3 Panel 3: Alister runs toward the stairs.

            Panel 4 Panel 4: He reaches the second level and sees the
            demon head for the window.

                    Where do you think you’re going

            Panel 5 Panel 5: The demon turns toward Alister, girl
            still over its shoulder.

                    I’m taking this girl and I’m going
                    to sacrifice her and let my father
                    have her soul.

                    There is only one Father.

                    Ha I’m not talking about him I’m
                    talking about my father Satan.

            Panel 6 Panel 6: The demon jumps out the window.

            Panel 7 Panel 7: Alister looks out the window and sees

                    I…I didn’t, I couldn’t save her.

          Page 24 Page 24

            Panel 1 Panel 1: Alister puts his sword back in his sheath
            and starts to walk down the stairs.

                    Why? Why?

            Panel 2 Panel 2: As Alister walks out of the building.

                    What is wrong with me? Why,
                    couldn’t I save that girl?”

            Panel 3 Panel 3: Alister arrives back at his hovercycle.

                    God what’s going on? I have never
                    not defeated a fow with this sword.
                    What in the world is going on?

            Panel 4 Panel 4: Alister flies off.

                    I never seen a demon rip off human
                    flesh like it was cloths. And then
                    I wasn’t able to save not only a
                    soul but the girl. The girl looked
                    so, I don’t know what’s wrong with
                    me. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

            Panel 5 Panel 5: Alister sees the church on the hill the
            light that pireced through the darkness seemed to be
            getting smaller.

Celtx for the Scriptwriter, Yep That Includes Comic Book Writers

Today I’m going to talk about Celtx. Celtx is a free (if you want to support you can pay) scriptwriting software. This is a free version unlike Final Draft where you do have to pay a lot of money. It does do almost everything as if it were Final Draft. I use Celtx for my comic book scripts not only does it have an option for comic books. They also have an app for Android and iOS for those apple fans. This is great because you can edit and create new scripts everywhere.You can sync your scripts from desktop to tablet. It’s great when you don’t want to lose a thing.

On there website they state:

Take charge of your workflow.
celtx is the world’s first all in one pre-production system. It replaces ‘paper & binder’ with a digital approach that’s more complete, simpler to work with, and easier to share.

It’s great to have something that is easy to learn and great at the low price of free. The app is cheap compared to Final Draft oh, wait, they don’t have an app. Celtx’s app is 5$. It’s cheap I know. My artists Corey Clover likes how he can understand what I’m going for when the script is in a format and not just typed up as a story.

So if you’re looking for a script program that gives you the ease of script writing this is it. It also has formats for again comic book,  Film, Audio-Visual, Theatre, Audio Play, Storyboard, Novel.

So, if you like free go download it come on.  Celtx Just click Celtx.


In my veins, the rage filters my blood it did not boil it was in flames,

I wanted to let things go, but I felt I would go insane.

Murder for you on my mind letting you bleed out.

Killing you would not let things be better, maybe, just for a short time.

You are making me go insane,

I need something to replace this hatred, and this evil that I feel.

I want you to die. I want to murder you.

I want to make you bleed. I want to make you see your life.

Life pass you by with the hatred and my pain will go away for a short time.

I will be free until I gain consciousness again.

Oh, hatred you I feed on you; I want, you; I hate, but I never forget.

You are my friend, yet my enemy.

I want you to go away,

and the only way I can get you away from me is to commit murder.

Murder, murder you.

What do you want?

I was asked why I was doing a blog if it didn’t deal with what I’m doing and that is writing. Why aren’t you talking or showing off some of what you write? So I decided since I want to be a comic book writer (or at least it’s my main focus right now) that I would put something up for everyone to see and hear me talk about it. That I did in a previous post.

Now it’s up to you!

Do you want to hear about my comic book writing or would you like to see a sample script or just other writing? Let me know in the comments below.

Becomeing a comic book writer

The video that I watched had some good steps and thoughts that I actually never took into my own thoughts about. Now when you want to be a comic book writer that I need to do them all the time, and I need to write and write, and also to read a lot of comics This I knew. However, I never thought of becoming friends or keeping up with the editor of the comics. Moreover, to write about a character that is known, but not necessarily a franchise character for that comic book company.
If you can get your writing out and become a name somewhere else this will help in the comic book writing, and so I’m going to write and try to get my name out there in any way I can.


When watching football it reminds me of the knights and how, with their armor, they tried to defeat one another. It’s funny how certain things can bring up other things in one’s mind. Just as if it were a dream.


We should not look at the past with regrets, but as the past with memories that we will never forget.

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