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How To Break In As A Writer: Ashleigh Powell

How To Break In As A Writer: Ashleigh Powell

How To Break In As A Writer: Ashleigh Powell


The Ring A Movie

Movie Script

Logline: The fascinating story of a simple man who travels to a different dimension only to find something so powerful that he doesn’t know what to do with it, but it knows.



Do you wonder what you would do with endless wishes? Would you become a millionaire? Would you become famous? Would you solve all the world’s problems? Or would you even want to become a super hero? My name is Forrest Rawls and I’ve written a script that has fantasy, science fiction, and adventure; and it’s suitable for teens and beyond.


In “The Ring” Alister in his mid-30s finds this power of endless wishes and must not only figure out where it came from, but once he finds out about it, how would he use this power? Would he become a hero, saving lives and helping others? Or would he become self-absorbed and wish for the world to be a slave to him?


Alister raised, as most would hope with loving parents and when he got older, he worked a regular day job, which he hates. Alister decides one day to take his dog for a walk, but not the same path they had always gone, but to a place, they hadn’t walked before. Once on this new path he finds a powerful ring that unbeknownst to him has a great secret and a great power. He drives home from being transported to a different dimension and finding this ring to coming upon something that would not only change his life, but change his thoughts about even the simplest wish, that it can become so much more.


With great power, there are those that seek it and to use it for their will, as with the Zulnar’ of the story. Zulnar’ will do anything in his power to get the ring, but our lead will do everything to keep the ring.


I believe mending fantasy, science fiction, and adventure together with a great script can make anyone who “wishes” for something will see that not all wishes aren’t possible, but full of endless wonders. I hope that your wishes come true.



Forrest L. Rawls



The Ring A Movie


Sweetie licken the water off her after running in the sprinklers. (Taken with instagram)


First song with Sony ACID more to come.

And then


A bird just pooped on my hand.

At least it wasn’t your head like me a couple years ago.

And then

Getting my copies ready to send out. (Taken with Instagram)

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