Waiting Room

Waiting Room


Pacing back and forth we see MATHEW in 20s, brown hair,

brown eyes, about 5’8″ and he is sweating. A doctor in a

white coat comes up to Mathew and gives him a pill.


I didn’t think I would end up here,

and I didn’t think my life would go

this way. Just like many have said,

yes I feel it’s a cliché. I thought

different doors would open for me.

I even hoped for an open window, I

could at least look into or out

of.  I thought…

This young man sits down in a chair that’s against a wall.

He grabs a Kleenex from a box that sits next to him on a

small table with magazines on it. He wipes his forehead.


…I thought.

He puts his head down.


I never would have seen this

coming. I didn’t see any of my

friends, those few I had come to

visit. I never thought I would be

the only one here I had always

wanted a younger or even older

brother or sister, but no that

wasn’t in the cards for this


He slowly puts his head up. Flashes of guns are seen.


My mind raced as if it were in a

100-yard dash.

He puts his head against the wall. Then images of demons are

seen. Then those demons turn into witches that have tops on,

but they are bottomless and others creatures surround the



I closed my eyes only to see

visions of creatures taken hold of


Mathew is seen being grabbed at by these creatures. He

breaks free and starts to fly. The creatures grab at his

pant legs. Then he flies through different scenes, as if he

was going through pages of a book.


The thing that I noticed mostly was

that I was flying through different

scenes, as if I were going through

pages of a book or several

different movies spliced together.

These witches that I saw, for some

reason, they were showing their

pelvic bone, and I saw them all

with pubic hair. They did have tops

on, but this. What the hell what

weird nightmare is this?

He then sees a girl. She is beautiful and in need. Mathew

runs for her as she is surrounded by different creatures.


I see me trying to help a girl…

Then the girl turns into one of the bottomless witches.


…only to find out she was one of

the witches…

After this her face starts to melt away.


…and then her skin begins to peel

off her face; melting like a


Mathew wakes up suddenly, shakes his head, and rubs his

eyes. He readjusts himself in the chair.


What is going on with my mind? I

don’t know what’s going on.

The intercom goes off. A doctor is being called to a room.

Mathew he starts to slouch in his chair.


I could only sit low in my chair as

I had these visions of creatures

and witches. Why witches? Why

bottomless? Why did they have a

full patch of pubic hair?

Mathew starts to dream the same dream.


These questions I contemplated as I

still watched this dream, and I

tried to figure out what it was

telling me. Nevertheless, it was

gone after a few minutes, but was

it a few minutes or was it a few


Again the intercom goes off calling a doctor and nurse.


Mathew gets up and starts to pace again.


After hearing the intercom again. I

decided to walk around the room to

see if this would help my mind slow

down. My head pounded like someone

was taking a hammer to it. I didn’t

have any Adderall with me. I’ve

taken it for fifteen years, and it

still helps my mind to slow down. I

didn’t start taking it until I was

a teenager because no one really

noticed or really cared I had

issues with my concentration. At

least tonight a white coat noticed,

and gave me something for the pain,

but I guess it wore off.

More people start to fill the waiting room. They come up to

Mathew and pat his back, hug him, and you can see there

mouth move to say, “I’m sorry to hear what happened.”


More people started to fill up the

room, and I became more agitated. I

felt trapped, and I was one who

just couldn’t handle it. I was

hoping that one of the white coats

would come in and tell me some good

news, but like my mom used to say,

“hope for the best, but expect the

worst.” My parents have always been

there for me, and I never would

have thought I would never see them

again, but this was the outcome

that came my way.


Slow motion. Mathew and his parents drive into a parking

lot. They get out of there car.


School never taught us how to cope

with certain things, nor did they

do a very good job at seeing a

problem and take the time to talk

to you. They just seemed to have a

mindset to teach, but never to take

the time to love the child and his

differences. They also never took

the time to find out why they

changed their daily routine, and

acted the way they did.

They walk to the banks doors. Mathew grabs the door handle.


I always found it hard to talk to

anyone and, well, all I could focus

on is fixing things. I hated it

when I couldn’t figure something

out, but I never wanted help.

Mathew opens the door.


After time, and then more time, it

would come to me, and I would be

able to fix the problem.

His parents walk through the door.


It was either putting a computer

together or putting a car together

or taking it apart, depending on

what needed to be fixed.

Mathew walks in behind his parents.


Even so, I never seemed to be able

to fix my own life though, and

this, I hated.


There are many people in the bank doing banking things.


I hated that life would go one way,

normally good for those around me,

and then, when things finally went

my way, I would hit a steel door.

Mathew and his parents go to a big table like structure with

deposit slips and pens.


I laughed at it because I could

take any sheet metal and form it

into whatever I wanted to with

these tools that school provided.

They fill out some slips. Then walk to a line.


This is how it would end; no kind

words could be said. Nothing would

change the outcome of this hell I

called my life.


People are in the waiting room talking to each other.


I heard people say, “at least there

still alive.”

Mathew moves his mouth to one of the people in the room.


I wish I was the one who went

through hell, and either died or

life finally brought a great end.

Mathew walks up to a nurses station.


I couldn’t take it anymore, and I

just wanted someone to tell me what

the hell was going on.

Mathew starts to talk to the nurse at the station.


Were they still alive or did they

die? Just tell me. I wanted the

voice overhead to come on and tell

me some good news.

The nurse says something, but can’t be heard.


All I could hear was mumble. And as

far as the intercom, all I could

hear was static.

Mathew then asks the nurse.


Can you get a white coat to come in

and tell me anything.

The nurse gets on the phone.


I wanted any news any news would

ease my mind.

The nurse gets off the phone and shakes her head.


Ah, this was the sign I didn’t

want, I wanted a nod.

The nurse moves her lips as to say “that someone would come

to let you know when they know.”


But she said that one would come to

me when they knew something. My

mind still not at ease, and I was

ready to scream. I didn’t want to

close my eyes again for I didn’t

want to see those witches and

creatures again. I knew they would

return like a dog to its own vomit.

Mathew then asks the nurse for a aspirin.


I decided I would ask the nurse if

I could get something for the pain.

My head just throbbed as if one was

taking a hammer to my skull.

Mathew takes the aspirin from the nurse then walks back to a


or at least something to make me sleep even if it was in one

of these chairs that were stiff and uncomfortable. She was

able to get a white coat to agree to something for the pain;

I didn’t ask what it was I just took it.


A couple more hours went by…

We see a clock and it changes from time to a couple house



…and finally, a white coat had an

answer for me. They had passed away

from their gunshot wounds, and I

now stood alone.


Two masked men enter the bank shooting at the ceiling. They

then point there guns to all the customers.


At the beginning of this mess I

felt it was my fault for what


Mathews father charges one of the robbers.


I should have helped my dad take

down the thief; the one who took

the money from the bank and my


One of the robbers shoots his gun.


This I should have been the one to

die this day.

Mathew runs to his fathers body.


I was the one who ran to my

father’s side…

Mathew is shot by one of the robbers. Falls and hits his



…only to get hit by a flying

bullet, but I survived.

Mathews mother then runs to his body.


My mother came to my side only


Mathews mother is then shot.


…meet her end with the same gun

that just shot my father and me.

Even so, I ask why did it just

graze me and hit them?

The robbers run out of the store with no money.


I don’t know what I’m supposed to

do now, they were everything. They

were my life. Now, what am I living


People run out of the bank as police enter.


These stupid clichés came to mind.

I was done. I wanted to see them

for the last time, even if it was

there cold lifeless bodies.

The paramedic enter.


I wanted to hold them and kiss them

one last time, before…


Mathew is in between his parents dead bodies as they are the



…before; they were put in the

ground. I closed my eyes to cry.

Images of demon, and witches come to his mind.

He opens his eyes, but he is tired.


Mathew walks in the door and walks to the couch and closes

his eyes.


After 24hrs in the ER, trying to

sleep only to see the creatures and

witches. This time the creatures

grabbed at me only to catch me and

pull me down from the air. The

witches that were showing off their

pubic hair, joined in and their

flesh just melted away as the

creatures tore at me and ripped me


Mathew wakes up in a cold sweat.


What evil do I have in my mind,

what evil is in my heart?

He sits up and wipes his forehead.


Will this evil consume my last

sliver of goodness? You tell me.

Why are you so quiet? Do you not

have a tongue to tell me what’s on

your mind? Tell me what the hell is

going on with my mind!


In the house it is dimly lit. Blood everywhere a couple

bodies can be see. We then see a close up of a tongue. Then

a woman’s body.


I guess you can’t since you lay

before me. Your tongue lay on the

ground next to your lifeless and

bloody body.

Mathew’s hands are bloody and there is a woman’s face in his

right hand.


I might have just gone insane.

Hahah I think I’m insane. No maybe

you’re the one insane.

Puts the woman’s face up to his.


Oh, you have such a very pretty

face. Haha in my hand. You are the

evil creature! You are the witch!

Waiting Room


About WhiteShadow

The writer of these words did not originally want to put words to paper, but to draw the glorious things he saw. However, he could not draw from images in his mind. He could only draw those things he saw that had been drawn by others. He then almost died one day and that urge to draw became the urge to write. Again, however, the fuel was not always there, and before he knew it it was his senior year of high school, and he was tasked to write a 50page novella for a final project. This became the fuel and started his path of being a full-time writer. He may have struggled and may have made no difference in the world of man nor money in his hand, but he still moves forward. He currently is writing a comic book that has an artist who draws the things that are envisioned. Life could be better, but it could be always worse. So he keeps his head low to write but high to live life. This is the story of this man, to know more, read the words he has put into the world of the web. View all posts by WhiteShadow

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