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Goodbye Facebook: Just For A While

We post good news, we post bad news, we post pictures and where we’re at. We tell the world (unless private in our security settings) what we are doing and what we are eating. We Like others’ pictures or other posts that show up on our timelines. We seem to want others’ approvals or comments. On the other hand, in some cases to show that you’re living life like it should be, but there are those who ask questions or ask if you’ve heard what so or so said. Things are retold in real life, and questions are asked. It’s hard not to want to just keep it all to oneself, or to shove the good news in everyone’s face. But why? Many people have a better life than others do, and people have issues mental or physical. Why do we have to relay it to the world? Why do I have to see how someone?s days going or how their physical appearance is changing because of their diet and exercise? Why am I on Facebook now that the fad is just a well-used memory of connecting with others? I?ve decided since I?ve had issues getting chores done and thing accomplished that I will be not looking at Facebook anymore for a while so that I can make dreams actually real. I don?t need to know what?s going on in your life and really who wants to know what?s going on in my life. Mostly, no one does, because comments are very few and far between, and no messages from anyone. So, I will say good-bye for just a time and Twitter will be quiet too. Once I?ve completed a few things, then I will be back, but that might just be a while.

New Script Posted

Check out my new script on Stage32 “A Heroes Journey” ( #stage32online

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