Do I have Autism?

I’ve been told lately due to my hate for people, and my uncontrollable (well I can control it; I just seem to be doing it a lot more) rocking that I have Autism or even Asperger. Some say I’m a lazy dreamer. One who dreams but doesn’t do the work. Yet, what am I? God knows, but he doesn’t come out and say what we will do and what we will be. I know I have great ideas and dreams of what I will do if things become real and money comes my way. However, since things haven’t happened with what I’ve already done, and I’ve seen no end to some troubles. I’ve given up and given in to do nothing more. Why? I don’t know why, nor do I know if I should even try anymore. I know that it is a lie because I’m slowly working on rewrite number 677 on a script I started 6 years ago. I just hope the timing will be right for when I get it done, and I feel it is final even after some script readers tell me yea or nay on it. Next, if no more work needs to be done, then I will send a letter out in hopes that someone likes it. If not It, but sees how well, I can write that they hire me for something else. I need to stop pouting and stop having a woe is me mentality and just get things done. Here’s to hoping, and to getting things done!


About WhiteShadow

The writer of these words did not originally want to put words to paper, but to draw the glorious things he saw. However, he could not draw from images in his mind. He could only draw those things he saw that had been drawn by others. He then almost died one day and that urge to draw became the urge to write. Again, however, the fuel was not always there, and before he knew it it was his senior year of high school, and he was tasked to write a 50page novella for a final project. This became the fuel and started his path of being a full-time writer. He may have struggled and may have made no difference in the world of man nor money in his hand, but he still moves forward. He currently is writing a comic book that has an artist who draws the things that are envisioned. Life could be better, but it could be always worse. So he keeps his head low to write but high to live life. This is the story of this man, to know more, read the words he has put into the world of the web. View all posts by WhiteShadow

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