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Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

Last time I wrote about the Intelligence of Man, this time I?m going to write about things that happen in our lives, in most cases, the things that suck.

I know for those who believe in God people say that those, ?things that are bad that happen to us is the test of faith to see how sturdy we believe and how strong that faith is.? However, when things that happen that are good we thank God, and we say I guess my faith paid off. But for others they believe in the world or even God when bad things happen in the way they say it, ?must have happened for a reason. ? The reason in most cases is to again, test our faith. Other times it?s a trial of life and how we react and how we deal with things. Do we give up and commit suicide or do we fight through it and think that there is a plan for you in the world is by fait or by God? We all struggle day to day and say, ?why do bad things happen to good people?? Does that say we should murder people and good things will finally happen or is it saying that we as good people are full of awful luck or have small faith?

Bad things have come up in my life and well, my family?s life lately that has gotten all of us down and depressed. (No amount of sun will help us.) Are we a cursed family? Or is Satan out to destroy our lives so that we become ridden with evil ideas and intent? It all happened at once and hurts to know that if someone would help me; I could help those around me better. Nevertheless, they say to help yourself because no one will help you because they’re in need themselves or conceded in their ways. They are thinking of themselves and their lives and not giving a damn about anyone else.

Now when things go good for one or other people say don?t forget me or to forget the little people. I want to become successful. When I was younger, I wanted riches and fame, but now I see that I don?t need the approval of others or a fan base. I just need to do what I want, to do what I love to or least have some passion for. ?Some? is the key word, and ?some? is supposed to be committed and full of passion.

Even so, when you have crap happen to you and your family you think of only ?them? because not only are you all going through the similar thing you can count on family to be there for you no matter what. Or if your family has family issues, and you can?t depend on them, do you have someone else you can depend on? I know if I was still single I would have my friend who is my mother, but if she wasn?t here I would have no one. Nevertheless, God or luck whatever you believe in I found me a loving caring wife who gives a damn about me, and doesn?t give a damn of what other people think. She supports me in everything I do even when she knows what I?m doing is wrong. She is my rock yet she has hit me enough with her words that I have no clue why a ?sense? has not come to me.

I?ve stopped posting scriptures on Facebook because I post and never read what I posted, and few read my post on Facebook or twitter. Not even my blog! I at one time spent a week off Facebook, and no one cared were I was or how I was doing. When I read Facebook, it?s more of for entertainment and not anyone’s post because it?s either about nothing or its pictures of life that seems better than mine. Yeah so I might just be having a pity party, but we all do and we all contemplate things. So I?ve decided since no one gives a damn for how I?m doing except for family and a few friends very few. I think even though I?ve said it before is to get rid of my Facebook that has nothing to do with writing or entertainment that I care about. I know I?ve stopped following many fitness pages because who wants to see someone else lose weight or get cooking ideas when I don?t have the motivation nor the money to do anything that special.

So, if you want to be a friend and know how life is going, then become my Facebook friend on my other account. I think I need to spend more time on that one to keep writing and to keep moving. Even though I haven’t seen money or success with my writing yet I still need to work on it as if I am the next big thing, and I need to keep my fans happy. So, today I think I will get rid of my one Facebook and have those who want to keep an eye on my life and all my successes and failures to follow my other Facebook account or just follow The Legacy Comic page. If you don?t care, then don?t follow me on over.

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