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Non Professional Cover Letter

To be honest this might detour many from sending me an email asking if I wanted a job. I have received a few but haven’t responded. I wanted to explain why via this cover letter that isn’t going to be very professional.

It’s been many years since I’ve worked because many reasons. I worked great at many call centers throughout the years, but with many issues. I’ve been diagnosed with Bipolar, ADHD, and OCD. I have to rock all the time if my job consists of sitting, if I don’t I’m not productive. I was let go from my last job because of these mental issues, which are now handled with medication. I was going to college in hopes to learn new things, but in most part to use some financial aid to pay the bills. I currently don’t attend due to reaching my max of borrowing. During this time, my writing has gotten better. In this, I mean I was working on a Novel that I self-published, but didn’t get an editor. Therefore, it hasn’t done well. I thought that my future would be this, but then I found screen writing and comic books. I started my own business to promote my writing and the comic book that a friend and I got done based on my self-publish novel. This again hasn’t taken off, but has had more success than my novel.

So, I come back to why I’m writing this. It’s been a long time, and now I don’t like dealing with customers, so if you think I’m good for a call center. I’m sorry I won’t do it yet, maybe in the future. I know that I can do stocking, freight, or cleaning. Really, if I don’t have to deal with many people, and I have a list of tasks, I will get them done, and I will be able to work on my own.

If you’re hiring for a position that works with me. I would love to be a part of your business and team.

Thank you!

Forrest L. Rawls

Non Professional Cover Letter

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