They Killed My Darlings – Why Filmmakers Make Changes to Your Script


The following is a guest post written by Joey Corpora, a film director with the film-making group,Platypus Underground. Check out their site for some insightful low-budget filmmaking tips, originating in real-life adventures in movie-making. – Ron Brassfield

I think it goes without saying: filmmaking is a collaborative medium. With so many people involved in the filmmaking process, things are bound to change from the time the rough draft is written to when an audience watches the final print.

What can change, and why?

Maybe the location manager found an awesome deserted beach to shoot at that wasn’t originally in the script, or the director met an outstanding actor who could fit in the movie if the story was tweaked slightly, or maybe the script was too ambitious from the beginning.

The thing is, most of the time when a script is picked up by an independent film company…

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