Show, Don’t Tell

The Dialogue Architect

Screenwriters hear it all the time. I probably write in the margins at least a couple dozen times in my client’s scripts. So what does that mean, exactly? Film and television are visual mediums. Only things that can be seen or heard should be written in a spec script. This is why it is often difficult for a novelist to write screenplays. Novels have lots of flowery prose that will paint gloriously vivid pictures in the reader’s mind’s eye. This does not translate well into screenwriting. In a script you must show us what your character is thinking. The audience needs to see or hear it

Often times you’ll notice a character’s thoughts in the action lines of a shooting scripts. Shooting scripts are mostly what you’ll find online. But in spec scripts, they shouldn’t be there. We can’t see thoughts, and unless it’s a voice over, we can’t hear…

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About WhiteShadow

The writer of these words did not originally want to put words to paper, but to draw the glorious things he saw. However, he could not draw from images in his mind. He could only draw those things he saw that had been drawn by others. He then almost died one day and that urge to draw became the urge to write. Again, however, the fuel was not always there, and before he knew it it was his senior year of high school, and he was tasked to write a 50page novella for a final project. This became the fuel and started his path of being a full-time writer. He may have struggled and may have made no difference in the world of man nor money in his hand, but he still moves forward. He currently is writing a comic book that has an artist who draws the things that are envisioned. Life could be better, but it could be always worse. So he keeps his head low to write but high to live life. This is the story of this man, to know more, read the words he has put into the world of the web. View all posts by WhiteShadow

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