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What You Do When No One Wants To Buy Your Script

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Comedy writer expert Steve Kaplan gives us some honest, realistic tips on what to do when your spec is making no traction.

His advice? “Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t get angry. And do it yourself.”

This Rocky style philisophy is good advice, but it can be hard to keep full steam since (at least at this point in the process) you are struggling for money, equipment, etc.

Do you agree with Kaplan’s advice?


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Screenwriters Wanted: Top Execs Reveal What They Really Want | Voyage Media & Screenwriting Staffing

The Backstory

(Note from Founder of Screenwriting Staffing, Jacob N. Stuart)  Voyage Media has been the industry’s secret weapon for 10 years, developing and selling some of the biggest movies and TV shows you’ve enjoyed. Now Nat Mundel and his team of experienced industry executives are pulling back the curtain to reveal what it really takes for emerging writers to get some respect in Hollywood. The best part of it is that they’re giving Screenwriting Staffing members free access to this exclusive Video Training normally sold for over $297! 

We sat down with Nat Mundel, founder of Voyage, and after years of helping people break in, he shared some thoughts that could transform your approach to writing and pitching.

SS: Voyage media has been known only to the pros for many years—can you fill us in about who you are, what you do for filmmakers, and the projects you’ve worked on?

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The Backstory

(Note from Screenwriting Staffing Founder, Jacob N. Stuart) I am VERY biased when it comes to short films. And many people debate me on my love affair with them. Why? Because I’m 100% for them. Short scripts can be credited to my own personal success and Screenwriting Staffing’s.

Less than 2 year’s after college I started my mission to secure a literary agent. No one would read my features since I didn’t have any previous feature films “produced”. “Produced”, I thought? Sure, I didn’t have any features produced. but I have had OVER a half a dozen shorts produced to screen. So I began to exploit my thesis film that I wrote and produced in college. The film won a few awards, had some TV time, aired in a few theaters across the country… etc…etc… So instead of pitching myself as some “newer” writer, I pitched myself as an…

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An in-depth look on why SCREENWRITERS’ need ACTORS’; An interview with the Founder of ‘The Actors’ Network’, by Screenwriting Staffing.

The Backstory

“Every writer is a frustrated actor who recites his lines in the hidden auditorium of his skull.” ― Rod Serling 

[Note from Screenwriting Staffing‘s Founder, Jacob N. Stuart] I recently partnered with the wonderful Cincinnati Film Festival this year. And one of the things we are trying to do in the Cincinnati community is equip screenwriters with economical approaches to breaking into the film industry. I was ecstatic during our first Screenwriting Workshop when I saw we had actors in attendance. Many of these actors are NEVER going to write a screenplay in their life, but they were fascinated by the writing process, and wanted to broaden their network and knowledge in the film industry. I applaud those actors. Very early in my screenwriting career, I found myself working a lot on-set, doing odd jobs, including acting in small roles and/or participating in “background” roles. At the time, it…

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Ask a Chock-full-of-Moxie-and-Gumption Script Consultant!

Maximum Z

Amanda Nelligan

The latest in a series of interviews with script readers and consultants who would be worth your while to work with if you want to get your script in shape. Today’s spotlight is on Amanda Nelligan, aka Scriptgal.

Amanda was born and raised in Western Massachusetts. She attended Brown University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry. While at Brown, Amanda became involved with the Brown film society and its weekly comedic film magazine – The Film Bulletin – which cemented her life-long love of movies. After working briefly at a medical research lab, Amanda moved to Los Angeles and embarked on her film career. Her first job was as an assistant to a literary agent. From there, she worked at Disney, then ran development for a number of production companies. Amanda went back to grad school in psychology and worked as a therapist and as a…

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Scattered Brain

I haven’t written in a while as far as my blog goes. I wanted to let you all know that I’ve been creating and writing screenplays. No I haven’t made it, no, I haven’t won any contests or optioned anything. I’m just focusing on my dreams and career. Now I’m trying to get an actress to commit to a role for a short without money or a crew. All this has taken me into an emotional drive even if down at the moment.

I want my dreams to come true, but I have to keep working on it no matter my mind. If I think about ending it all, I just need to write about it. I know this is not a job for the ones who want to make and think they are a pro. I know I’m not, nor am I going to quit I will get there in time, but if course I wish, it was now. I’m hoping to win some contests or at least get an honorable mention. I hope that I can get an actress to commit, I hope to hope things happen. I want my thoughts no matter how deranged they are seen by others. Not in my action, but by the visions that are placed on the screen. I want for you all to keep rooting me on. I think I will make it. This year is my goal. I have written a few shorts and working on now four features. I know I need to get one done, but my mind is scattered. Either way I’m moving forward.

Check out my shorts

Amazing Script Reads for Aspiring Screenwriters

Shoot From the Quip

Internet advice is flung at you just about everywhere you turn, but how about just providing a few really good examples of excellent, tight, and well-structured screenwriting? That’s what I’m putting up today, a pair of really well-written scripts. I hope you enjoy them.

First is a recent 2014 Blacklist feature screenplay titled Bird Box. While the genre may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and people certainly argue over the story itself, no one I’ve spoken with disputes the quality of the writing. I highly suggest giving it a read.

Next is from TV-Land, Jon Bokenkamp’s pilot of the TV series “The Blacklist” (not to be confused with Franklin Leonard’s Blacklist). It’s a show that is impressive in both scope and pacing, with writing that is really top-notch. If you want to see why this was the best testing-rated pilot in the past 10 years at…

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