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I decided to watch the 2014 version of Robocop. I hadn’t seen it since it came out. I watched it and saw what people were saying about why they liked it, and why they didn’t.
For me, it was good, but I did miss the internal struggle of Murphy. In the original, the lead struggled with the mem…

How to write the best logline for your script/story. Plus, FREE LOGLINE SUBMISSIONS

WILDsound Festival

Submit your LOGLINE for FREE to the WILDsound network and its social networking centers.

A great way to increase your presence and get your story out to the world. This network averages over 90,000 unique visitors a day. Your logline will receive their own individual page, and linked from the various outlets on this network where many producers and agents venture. Then we will send you an email when someone is interested and you can go from there.

You can also pay $15 more and we’ll turn your pitch logline into a movie. Watch recent and past loglines made into a film:


Brevity is an absolute necessity of creating a good logline. You should go through many drafts to make sure every adjective is the most perfect and evocative and above all accurate. Get out your thesaurus find the best words for the job. You can’t afford…

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Hopeful For Screeners

I’ve been thinking of what to work on next when it came to reviewing and work in general. I’m going to try to review new movies, but I’m going hope at some point I’ll get screeners, I do more current movie reviews. However, until then, I’m going to review all movies that I watch. I hope that you…

Max Steel

When I decided to watch a movie, I wanted one I only heard about and researched. I saw the trailer, and I was excited. Max Steel was the cartoon I got hooked on during a Netflix search and binge. It was good 26 episodes for the first season, and I can’t wait for the second yell. When I watched, I…

Fredi 185 View Camera

When searching for camera’s I was looking for one not for thieves or outside I wanted one that would catch something else. My wife and I had just lost two dogs this year to age and illness, so we had to adopt again. So we got two. So since they are new and don’t know the routines of the house we…

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