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CyanogenMod Nearly Killed Me

When it came to my Nexus 7 2013, I wanted to have a functioning tablet. I decided since everyone was talking about CyanogenMod and me thinking I’m a tech geek. I wanted to try it out. After rooting my wife’s tablet which she was having a hard time with once Lollipop 5.0.2 updated. After rooting it. It started to work a bit better just her wifi seems a bit glichy.

I wanted to do something different, but I didn’t know it was going to take me a day and become my worst nightmare. CyanogenMod has an app you install on your tablet then a windows software to make it less of a headache to install. Well, I found out that the self-installing program didn’t work. This I should have taken as a sign not to do it and just root mine. Well, I did have to root before I installed because it stated I had the wrong firmware. And yes, I know I’m not supposed to break something that didn’t need fixing.

I used Nexus Root Toolkit v2.0.4 to root my Nexus before I put on CyanogenMod. At this point, I should have stopped. I then used the Cyanogenmod app and desktop software, and it didn’t want to install. Next I then used the Root Toolkit to kind of side load the CyanogenMod ROM well, it didn’t have Google’s services, so I had to install that separately. By this time, I’m like crap it told me to save, save, save. I didn’t save anything.

I then proceeded to boot it up well, the Google services kept coming up with an error, and I couldn’t use the Google Keyboard to type. I had to reboot and format and refresh to manufactory settings. Not the original manufactory settings those I had removed when I didn’t save anything. So, it reset CyanogenMod. After 10 hours of anger cussing and thinking my tablet was a total loss it started to work.

CyanogenMod has a nightly update well I know now that I should never install these updates because every time I do I have to do a manufacture reset. Oh and when you try to login into CyanogenMod account while booting into the system the first time it doesn’t work and gives an error then you have to reset again to get it off the screen.

This was my hell and still is 3 days later as I had all my apps installed and had to reset two times because of the nightly release that didn’t install correctly. I should be writing and not working on this, but my tablet is my writing tool since it allows me to work on my scripts as I rock in my rocking chair.


Celtx or Final Draft Neither

Celtx Software

For screenwriters, many books have tips on writing a script. All have what is thought to be the correct way and format. Well with the ever-changing SPEC way, what is the right way? That I’m still trying to figure out, but if you want to write with the visually correct way, there are different kinds of software to help you out.

Celtx Online

You may think of the free Celtx or Final Draft. Who wants to pay 100 to 200 dollars for something you can get for free? Celtx may sound like a good choice, but since they went fully online (no software only if you search for it), it’s more distracting than helpful. I saw a question from someone via LinkedIn asking about this issue.

Celtx Mobile

Celtx Mobile

I’ve used Celtx since they have a mobile app, and I’ve used it for screen writing and for comic book writing. I like it because of a semi standard way of writing comic scripts. I’ve used Final Draft but didn’t like it much. While searching for software I came upon a few free ones and others that cost way to much. However, I wanted to write on the fly and on my phone or tablet, what I found was FadeIn.

FadeIn Desktop Software

With Celtx, you can save your work to their cloud, but FadeIn you save to Dropbox. While Final Draft is more for Apple products where Celtx and FadeIn can be used on Windows and Linux machines. I also like FadeIn because the creator took some suggestions and implemented them into the mobile app. I need to suggest a comic book format option.

FadeIn Mobile

FadeIn Mobile

We all want to be flawless in our format and there are those who want you to use Final Draft. Well fade in can import from Final Draft and Celtx and you can export to Final Draft with FadeIn this is perfect for mentors or others who need to edit your work or edit with those you are collaborating with that use the un liked Final Draft.

If you’re looking for a Final Draft alternative the $50 plus $5 for the android app. You will have what you seek. I know this is short and not that wordy review most do. Check it out and try the demo of the desktop software and try out the free version of FadeIn mobile. They have free updates without having to purchase them in the future.


Getting Noticed

Many of us writers write for the love of writing. Others do it because they can and get paid well to do so. I write because I have many ideas that I want others to read them. I write my blog the same way for ideas I have things to say, and I end up just get one or a few people who ever read it. So how can I make an impact? What do I need to do? I sent my “mentor” this email with my script attached. He has yet to respond. Really, I don’t know if I have a “mentor.” Or did my email get put in spam?

“I know it’s been a while since my last email. I’m still working on new ideas and always going back to Ring of Wishes. I think I’m going to learn with your help in which I will know how to modify my new ideas and make them the best as I make Ring of Wishes perfect. Again, I know my success resides with me, and you can help only so far. I just keep dreaming and hoping, but that is not work and just an idea of future life when I should only think of the present. I hope and sometimes pray that your help paves a way for me, and I reach the success I so badly want.

I hope you are having a great Holiday Season thus far.”

Now I can pay money to Stage32 and pitch to managers, agents, and others, but I did this last year and the only thing it did was put me in debt and a couple of requests. Nevertheless, here I am a year later, still in debt and no help from a manager or other.

I want to write and be a success, but we all need a little help. I know if I got some, I would pay it forward, but until then I can’t do anything when my hands are tied.

My mother read my letter to Ellen, and I don’t know who else. I don’t get any comments, so I don’t know if anyone other than her reads my blog entries or even glances at them.

How can I contribute to my family financially? It is by get a script sold, or a writing job of some kind. Maybe I should just sell my body on the side of the road?

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