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Month Late

If you’ve been waiting for a blog entry from me, I’m sorry I’m a month late. Due to my wife’s epilepsy becoming something that has taken up a lot of my time and mind. I’ve been super slow to write or even work on my dream of being a screenwriter. I know many write no matter what goes on in their lives. I’ve been offered writing jobs (my own opinion), but scared to act. Am I good enough comes to mind, then what about my wife? Doctor’s visits driving here and there. Catch her when she falls, and take care of her. Feed her and just be there for her.

Then my mom says you’ve been blessed. I say no she said to take a look. We may not be debt free or do I have a bachelor’s degree, but bills are paid. We have a house. We got with government assistance a new furnace and A/C. We have food on the table. Our dogs are fed. We may not leave the house much or have friends beyond family. However, we are loved, and we love.
I know when I make it our lives will change drastically. We will be debt free. We will be able to give to those in our situation now. We will still be loved, and love others just have money to help our actions. We will leave our house, and we will still have our old farts (dogs).

I know everyone has their problems and their successes. I’m currently in a “many problems” in my life right now, but I know my successes are coming.

I hope to write more and write about success, but if not I hope to write more positive tidbits and thoughts about screenwriting and screenplays.

Celtx or Final Draft Neither

Celtx Software
For screenwriters, many books have tips on writing a script. All have what is thought to be the correct way and format. Well with the ever-changing SPEC way, what is the right way? That I’m still trying to figure out, but if you want to write with the visually correct way,…

2014 Bitch Please!

In this post, it will be the last before the New Year. So I’m going to bitch a bit more, also I have a plan for the next year. Yeah if you kept up with me this year with my posts, then you know I’ve done that a lot this year. It’s what I do best, but with my last post about…

Unbroken Broke Me

I went to a movie this weekend with my mom. She hadn’t gone for two years. She and I chose Unbroken. Yes, my wife went and my nephew. The movie was great, but it made me think about my life.
I know I say I’ve been through hell and back but different people have different levels of…


I missed posting this before Christmas so here it is.
When it comes to the holiday season and holiday movies, you think of classics like It’s a Wonderful Life and a newer movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. When you think of another classic A Christmas Carol, I like to watch an…

Back To The Future

When it came to deciding what movie, I would review or even just talk about. It came to a classic that has great memories for me. It comes into a trilogy of great movies, with great actors and great music. Back to the Future is the sweet musical. When I was younger, my dad went to record the first Back to the Future, but the funny thing is the power went out, and we missed the first ten minutes. The second great memory was when two came out in theaters I went with a good friend and on the way home his dad was pulled over. His speedometer didn’t work so he was caught speeding.

When you come to the realization writing movies is your dream you try to analyze and think why does this movie bring those great memories and why can I see it on repeat? Now if you’ve never seen them, you’re missing out on something magical. Yes, there are some inconsistencies, but what great movie doesn’t.

You’ve probably have read many reviews and seen many clips seen the cartoon series or the recent game. However, these are my thoughts. And my (hoping) writing will have some wisdom that I can give.

When we think about structure, story, dialogue, and overall script to screen. We think of a great script and writer, but when you read the earlier draft, you can see how far it came before it became a classic. Back to the Future was such a good movie that they used what Marty was wearing in another movie called Zapped Again.

The story of a crazy scientist inventing a time machine is great. It builds excitement and makes you stand up in hopes Marty doesn’t get caught and or get stranded in the past. The use of a futuristic car the Delorean. This not only made it visually stunning, but fueled a fire to bring the car back 20 years later. Within dialogue, there are some good speeches, but a few great lines that stay with you. “Great Scott, this is heavy!”

When you read the first drafts from 1981 and later or watch the behind the scenes, and the ending that they planned. You thank the script Gods that it ended the way it did. You also see how much work it takes to make a nearly perfect flick.

This has shown me that even though I’ve worked on my scripts for years that it may take many more before I see my scripts come to screen (unless I make them myself). I hope this has given you a short insight into the struggle that it takes, and how long you may have to wait before your dreams come into the real world.

Out of 5 Stars
Story ****
Dialogue *****
Structure *****
Plot *****
Script to Screen *****
Few Inconsistencies ****
Total 4.7 our out of 5

Back To The Future

When it came to deciding what movie, I would review or even just talk about. It came to a classic that has great memories for me. It comes into a trilogy of great movies, with great actors and great music. Back to the Future is the sweet musical. When I was younger, my dad went to record the…

Getting Noticed

Many of us writers write for the love of writing. Others do it because they can and get paid well to do so. I write because I have many ideas that I want others to read them. I write my blog the same way for ideas I have things to say, and I end up just get one or a few people who ever read it. So how can I make an impact? What do I need to do? I sent my “mentor” this email with my script attached. He has yet to respond. Really, I don’t know if I have a “mentor.” Or did my email get put in spam?

“I know it’s been a while since my last email. I’m still working on new ideas and always going back to Ring of Wishes. I think I’m going to learn with your help in which I will know how to modify my new ideas and make them the best as I make Ring of Wishes perfect. Again, I know my success resides with me, and you can help only so far. I just keep dreaming and hoping, but that is not work and just an idea of future life when I should only think of the present. I hope and sometimes pray that your help paves a way for me, and I reach the success I so badly want.

I hope you are having a great Holiday Season thus far.”

Now I can pay money to Stage32 and pitch to managers, agents, and others, but I did this last year and the only thing it did was put me in debt and a couple of requests. Nevertheless, here I am a year later, still in debt and no help from a manager or other.

I want to write and be a success, but we all need a little help. I know if I got some, I would pay it forward, but until then I can’t do anything when my hands are tied.

My mother read my letter to Ellen, and I don’t know who else. I don’t get any comments, so I don’t know if anyone other than her reads my blog entries or even glances at them.

How can I contribute to my family financially? It is by get a script sold, or a writing job of some kind. Maybe I should just sell my body on the side of the road?

My Voice

In the day of light and the night of day, I’ve been thinking a lot. I didn’t know what to do to change my website to be able to gain more readers and more fans. I didn’t go ahead and do a podcast because I don’t have any intelligent or engaging information to give. No tips or tricks. Just a bunch of crap from life and well poetry, writing and a lot of dreaming. Therefore, I decided to change the song that I put up on my website for a little intro about me and dreams (this hasn’t been done yet) . I know many don’t want to hear me blah blah blah all over the place, but I still needed my voice to be heard. Something that doesn’t happen a lot in real life.

I wasn’t blessed with a pretty face and good body. I wasn’t blessed with a rich or well-off family. I wasn’t given everything my heart desired. The only think I got, and it was the best was LOVE. I may not have money now, or am I well off. I don’t have all my dreams at my feet, but I do know how to love and be compassionate. However, Love can’t pay the bills.

I don’t know why God gives some people things right out of the gate, and the others have to work so hard to get it and put full faith in Him. I don’t know why, but I’m still dreaming, wishing, and praying that things turn around for me and my family soon because I sure would love to give the abundance that God gives me at that time to others.

It’s been a couple of weeks when I started this entry. I’ve been debating on what I should do with my life. Then I got an email from an old friend, saying he wanted to start doing The Legacy comic book again, but only if he could write too. I took a couple of days to think about it, but I’ve decided that I would give in and let him write with me. He will help make the story better, or I at least hope.

Some of my family wants me to quit my dreaming of a movie deal and get back to the real world, but I put my faith in God. He didn’t save me in 94 for nothing. I have a purpose. I have my dream, which is his dream for me. I only need one person to give me a chance to believe in my talent. I don’t need a lot of money just enough to pay some bills, and the work will get done.

I hope you keep with me on my Journey to Success. I know if I keep at it one-day someone will see what I have to offer.

Successful Blogging by Reposting with AtContent.

Asya is a fashion blogger for Girlinafashionworld.com from San Francisco Bay Area.  She joined AtContent eight weeks ago and has already become a very active and engaging AtContent fan, frequently reposting quality articles on fashion that she …

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